Modalities I

How I work: My intention is to provide the best modalities that produce the most effective tissue change without causing tissue damage.  I work very specifically within your tolerance level to achieve the desired change.  In my experience, very slow, focused and specific work is the best catalyst for long-term change in the body.


  • Swedish Massage - Non-specific, relaxing techniques often used during a general full-body massage or to warm the tissue before deeper and more specific techniques are applied.
  • Myofascial Therapy - The intention is to hold, lift or "unglue" the connective tissue in a stretch which encourages a release of the tissue allowing more movement in the area .  Work is done by clearing the most superficial layer first and working deeper as the tissue responds. Postural distortions respond well to this technique. 
  • Neuromuscular Therapy - Work is focused on a specific muscle by working the origin, the body and the insertion of the muscle to relax the tissue and clear trigger points.  Trigger points are hyperirritable spots in the muscle tissue that may feel like tight bands or a "knot" upon palpation.  Often when pressed, the trigger point will refer pain to a nearby area.  For example:  a trigger point in the upper shoulder commonly refers pain up the neck and along the side of the head on the same side.  The therapist must have a high degree of anatomical precision, specificity and skilled palpation to use this technique.
  • Sports Massage - Often used before and after an athletic event to help warm muscle tissue and relieve general muscle discomfort from over-use. Specific work on problem areas and stretches to increase and maintain range of motion help with training between events.  Certain techniques are required at different stages of the athlete's training to fully enhance their performance.
  • Pregnancy Massage - The focus on positioning of the pregnant woman is key here.  Different stages of pregnancy create specific cautions in order to protect both the growing child and the drastic body changes of the mother during a massage treatment. 
  • Geriatric Massage - As with the pregnant woman, an aging body may require specific cautions based on the health condition of the geriatric patient during massage treatments.